GAMMA PIU 5555 Turbo Tormalionic



Powerful 2400 Watt motor, with a long life.
Weight: 550kg.
Super heat that tames even the most unruly hair.
High temperature (180°C). Ideal for drying during Keratin treatment.
Double heat wave: constant high heat of the air along the entire length of its exit from the device.
Cool dryer body: due to the special insulation of the heat element, operators can hold the dryer by their body without risk of burns.
Extra narrow nozzle: for a truly “straight result” even on the toughest hair.
Grill coated with tourmaline: Ionizes the air resulting in revitalizing the hair and making it shinier.
Country of manufacture Italy.


Gammapiu 5555.
2 straightening nozzles.


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